New Construction


Read ‘Something Else:’ a conversation between
Steve Locke and Jeff Perrott about this exhibition

The works in New Construction aim to build upon and problematize the works of the Construction exhibition, to further develop imaginative quasi-architectural spaces.  Intertwining axonometric geometric planes of varying scales and treatments, iterated in the random walk process, create crowded environments embedded with spatial figures intervening on each other, in a play of difference that complicates figure-ground relations, allowing for deeper invention of possible space.

The show, on view at LaMontagne Gallery in Boston through October 22, features works of body-sized scale which more directly address the relation between the representations of space within the works, and the gallery architecture itself. And also, by pushing the formal logic maximally, the New Construction works problematize their relation to possible architecture, as their complications refuse to land in any picture of actual built form.  These new works open important questions about the relation between its representations—its imaginative constructions—and the real.


2019-20 | 110" x 60" | acrylic on Linen


2022 | 62" x 82" | acrylic on Linen


2022 | 62" x 82" | acrylic on Linen


2021-22 | 39" x 42" | acrylic on Linen


2022 | 39" x 42" | acrylic on Linen


2021-22 | 28" x 42" | acrylic on Linen


2021-22 | 42" x 28" | acrylic on Linen

Red Interior

2022 | 28" x 42" | acrylic on Linen

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