More or Less


More or Less, at Barbara Krakow Gallery in Boston in 1999, was a follow up to, and critique of, the 1995 show I.  Compositional systems were extended to number-based wallworks, interactive games, a sound work, and two-dimensional and sculptural wood works which deployed opaque colored stripes as visual markers. The works in this exhibition more deliberately interrogated the tropes and compositional strategies of conceptual and minimal art, injecting them with an additive, saturated color and systemically arranged parts that tested the limits of patterned versus chaotic composition—strategies that resisted familiar formal hierarchies while seeking out non-hierarchical modes of formal composition.  

Included in this exhibition were: More or Less, a monumental work comprised on acrylic stripes on plywood; Pulp, an interactive compositional game that explored what’s meant by unity and disunity in uncertain compositional space; and Background Music, a systemically-driven piano work that sonically mimicked the maximal color intervals explored in the show’s sculptural and painting works. 

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