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Current Work

Rw167 (extremophiles) 2014, 72" x 68" Oil on linen

Rw168 (cmon cmon) 2014, 78" x 56" Oil on canvas

Rw169 (sisyphus) 2014, 72" x 68" Oil on canvas

Rw164 (swarm) 2014, 42" x 39" Oil on linen

Rw165 (Panspermia Study) 2014, 42" x 39" Oil on canvas

Rw166 (thermophile study) 2014, 40" x 36" Oil on linen

Rw151 (burden of good) 2014, 42" x 39" Oil on linen

Rw152 (curtain) 2014, 39" x 42" Oil on linen

Rw153 (view) 2014, 39" x 42" Oil on linen

Rw154 (shelter) 2014, 42" x 39" Oil on linen

Rw155 (Zero Sum) 2014, 42" x 39" Oil on linen

Rw170 (still pool) 2014, 24" x 22" oil on linen


Vitavulnus (2012)

Volta (2012)

Random Walks in Endless Fields (2010)

Empty Canvas (2009)

La Vie Éternelle (2006)

Nature of Things (2005)

Gethsemane (2002)

More or Less (1999)


(Art) Miami – Part 2

Saturday December 6, 2014
I’ve experienced a lot of great art in Miami – which makes the nightmarish parking and traffic seem vaguely worth the aggravation. I learned too late last night about the midtown protest against the horrific decision in New York – … Continue reading

(Art) Miami 2014 – Part 1

Friday December 5, 2014
It shouldn’t be news that the ‘art fair’ phenomenon works entirely on the level of capitalization and commodification of art – nor that vital political and social content gets particularly flattened and politely repackaged for sale in this context. The … Continue reading

New Work at Pulse Miami 2014

Tuesday December 2, 2014
I’ll be showing new work at the Pulse Miami Beach fair beginning tomorrow night, December 3, running through Sunday December 7 – with LaMontagne Gallery, booth A4. Info about the fair HERE. These new paintings explore the Random Walk (RW) … Continue reading

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